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Albania, coastline 362 km, with geographic coordinates: 41N, 20E, with 28.748 km2 (11.100 sq miles), with population of 3.260.000 and density of 113.4 population/km2 is wild and mountainous, with extensive forests, sandy beaches and many beautiful lakes. It shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo to the north, with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the northeast and Greece to the south. To the west lie the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.
Tourism development in Albania becomes possible for several reasons:
- Very favorable geographic position.
- Very favorable and healthy climate.
- On the average, there are 120 days yearly characterized by temperatures higher than 20 C and about 120 sunny days. Albania ranks second in Europe, that is after Spain, for sunny duration within a day.
- Long stretches of diversified beaches.
- Unspoilt environment. The Albanian nature and ecology provide the possibility for the development of all kinds of tourism, green, white and entertainment tourism. Proceeding from this, it has been judged that this nature provides the possibility for the development of medium, high and elite tourism and facilities.

AL-Durres, Lagija 13, +355 (5) 260-851
Backpacker Hostel
AL-Tirana, Rruga Elbasanit 85
Chateau Linza
AL-Tirana, Qesarek, +355 (4) 820-1985
AL-Vore, +355 (4) 600-238
Hotel Prince
AL-Shëngjin, Rëra e Hedhur
Hotel Tirana
AL-Tirana, Skenderbeg Square
Rogner Hotel Europark
AL-Tirana, Bulevardi Deshmoret e Kombit, +355 (4) 235-035
AL-Tirana, Sheshi Italia, +355 (4) 274-707
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