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The Michelin Guide started in 1900, a little red book given away free to motorists, "a mine of practical information for motorists - on where to obtain supplies for their vehicles or have them repaired and where to find accommodation and meals". The first one covered France, but soon editions covering other countries followed, even Britain by 1911. In 1920 it was decided to remove advertising and to recommend restaurants on merit, which required the establishment of a team of inspectors that would inspect anonymously, and the Guide was put on sale in bookshops for 7 francs.
A new, three-category classification system was introduced, though initially only for restaurants outside of Paris, and was soon extended to Paris also. By the 1933 issue, 23 restaurants in France were rated with three stars: including Tour d'Argent in Paris, which kept its 3 stars for nearly 70 years. The 1939 Guide was the last to be issued due to the war.
The 1951 brought the return of the three-star rating system, with seven restaurants achieved this rating: la M?re Brazier on the Col de la Lu?re, la Côte d'Or in Saulieu (Dumaine), l'Auberge du pere Bise in Talloires (Marius and Marguerite Bise), la Pyramide in Vienne (Point), le Café de Paris, la Tour d'Argent (Terrail) and Lapérouse (Topolinski) in Paris.
Michelin only gives four types of recognition to restaurants: 3 star (the best) two star, one star and the bib gourmand (there is a peculiar - rising star - rating introduced in 2005 for certain places that aren't 3 stars yet but might be one day; go figure). Michelin offers no notes or description, just the address of the establishment and sometimes a one-liner on any specialities of the chef.

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