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Country: Germany
Category: Speedcam
Service: Red Light/Speedcam
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Useful info:
The use of speedcam warnings in Germany and Switzerland is restricted by law. Examine the downloaded database prior your trip, and use it while driving at your own risk.
Speed limit town: 30-60 km/h
Speed limit country: 70-100 km/h
Speed limit motorway: 120> km/h
+20 km/h speeding fine: min EUR15-375
0 - North
90 - East
180 - South
270 - West
Germany is known as the country with no limits on their Autobahn. And, even if the fines are very low compared to Norwegian standards, it is still possible to get your license withdrawn. If you are a foreigner, however, they will usually not withdraw your license: they will instead double the fine.

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