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Whether you are looking for petrol stations or banks by company, free wireless hotspots, touristic attractions, campsites, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, you name it, your search is over when you download the relevant POI data file to your GPS device.

POIplaza is a collection of custom POI (Point of Interest) databases for free download directly to your PDA or navigation device. This data is compatible with all major navigation software on the market today, including Becker, Destinator, Garmin, GoClever, Google Earth, iGO Amigo, iGO8, iGO-MioMap, Macrom, Navman, Pocket Driver, Sygic and TomTom.

Say you are on the road and need to fill up the tank but your company has an agreement with a particular company - or you just want to collect points on your card. Download POI data for favourite petrol stations from POIplaza and you will be directed to your nearest gas station right away. If you want to withdraw money from your bank without incurring extra charges, download the POI directory for your bank and you'll find the nearest branch instantly.

Our POI database is growing all the time as more and more businesses discover that GPS can bring customers directly to their door. If you would like your POI data available for free download to this site, please send us a mail.

What is a POI?

POI stands for Point of Interest and refers to any destination that a traveller might want to get to. All GPS devices come with a variety of POI data installed - such as motorway service stations, railway connections, museums and galleries - but many more can be added manually or downloaded from the internet.

POI data not only include the coordinates of each Point of Interest - allowing a logo to be positioned on the map generated by your navigation system - it also supports telephone numbers and other contact details. Think of your collection of POI destinations as your personalised 2D directory that instantly finds you businesses and services when you are in a new town or city.

For a business, what could be better than allowing customers to download GPS data on all their outlets directly to their PDAs? Wherever they are, existing and future customers will always be able to find you. For businesses with hundreds of branches in dozens of cities - such as banks or fuel companies - this is indispensable. However, the idea can work just as well for smaller businesses and chains, including restaurants, shops, hotels, tourist sites and other service providers.

The POIplaza is a collection of useful points of interest for free download directly to PDAs or GPS navigation systems.

To find out how to get your business listed on POIplaza, please send us a mail.

Free downloads

For simple instructions on how to install POI data on your device, choose one of the following software packages:

How to download?

Choose a country, and select the service you are looking for. Download the file, unpack it and save the files to your device. Once you have launched your navigation software select a destination. You will get to where you want to go quickly and easily, every POI is double-checked once it is entered into our database.

Even if you don't have navigation software, we can still show you where to find each POI using Google Earth.

List your business
Make your POI data available for free download from POIplaza

With your POI downloaded to their GPS devices your customers will not only find out about your business, they will be driven right to your door. For a very small annual subscription, you can submit your POIs to POIplaza and make the most of this powerful, up-and-coming marketing tool.

If you are a large international chain, we can list all your global outlets for download so your loyal customers will find you wherever they are in the world.

To make your business locations available for download on POI Plaza, please send us a mail.

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