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There are many navigation software packages on the market. Whichever one should they be using, your partners will instantly find your address. POIplaza supports Becker, Destinator, Garmin, GoClever, Google Earth, iGO Amigo, iGO8, iGO-MioMap, Macrom, Magellan, Mireo, Navman, Pocket Driver, Route 88, Sygic and TomTom.

Don't let your customers wander around. Order the freely address directory downloadable from the internet now. The files are generated in eight formats for use with all the popular navigation systems, plus a simple format even supports those customers that do not yet use a satellite navigation system.

All you need to do is supply us with a list of addresses, contact details and a logo and we will take care of the rest. You can even just send us your website address as a source. Within hours, we will create a variety of files for free download from for an agreed duration. During this period, we will continue to update your details as new outlets open.

You may also add free of charge a photo and a text describing for example the service itself, working hours, web page and email address, or any other relevant information to the POI-s.

Unlike other similar services, new POIs are published on POIplaza within hours.

If you have any questions, please send us a mail.

Commercial use

POIplaza is one of the richest treasuries of POI collections.

The POIplaza database contains 7,279,451 POIs from 221 countries in 4707 categories, 17 formats.

You may use the database for example in real estate business by showing the surrounding neighbourhood with POIs; by showing speedcams or dangerous points in third party applications; or using for any other purpose.

Let us know what your needs are, what category and number of POIs you intend to use for what purpose, and we'll prepare a special offer in a very short term.

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