1. Unpack the file you have downloaded from POIplaza.

2. Convert the downloaded .asc file into .dat with POIEdit available at

3. Select and copy the files (.bmp and converted .dat extensions) to the \DestinatorApps\Destinator\UserData\Favourites folder.

4. Launch the Destinator program and select Favourites from the Destinations menu.

Note: The POI may be displayed as an inaccessible location if the map you are using is not sufficiently detailed.

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New POI collections

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CamperContact (1026)
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Dangerous Turn (608)
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Attractions - Boise (16)
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Blockbuster (69)
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Ceská sporitelna ATM (1296)
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Red Light (822)
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Tennis Courts (Circoli Tennis) (526)
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Madame Tussauds (1)
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