Route 66

1. Unpack the file you have downloaded from POIplaza.

2. Select the files (.bmp and .csv extensions) and copy them to the relevant country or region folder in the \Route 66\pois folder.

3. Select the downloaded POI group by clicking "POI alarm".

4. Launch the Route 66 application, click on the "Navigate to" icon and select either the "POI around destination" or the "POI around GPS position" menu item.

Note: The POI may be displayed as an inaccessible location if the map you are using is not sufficiently detailed.

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Wachovia Bank (646)
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Mobile Speedcams (259)
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CamperContact (125)
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Lotos LPG (92)
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Fix Speedcam (4171)
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WiFi (free/gratuit) (1038)
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Nucha (13)